Two important changes have taken place since we sent out our announcements:

US Air: The airline recently notified us that their flight schedule to Martha's Vineyard from Boston has been cancelled. All flights to the island are now scheduled through New York City's LaGuardia airport.

Ferry Service: We no longer recommend any plans to take a vehicle onto the island. Ferry reservations for the most popular days (May 23 through May 28) are not likely to be available. Additionally, placing reservations through the Steamship Authority has proven to be both unpleasant and unreliable. We apologize to all who have tried to make reservations and been unable to; we know it has been very frustrating for some of you.

Travel Arrangements

There are many ways to get to Martha's Vineyard, each with its own advantages. Connecting flights are available in Boston, and ferries offer several different options. While flying is the most direct way to travel, weather and other complications can cause delays and flight cancellations.

With this in mind, we recommend that people take a ferry to the island if possible, as it is the most reliable transportation available. However, please be aware that you will likely need additional transportation to ferry departure points. The best option is to take a bus directly from the airport in Boston to the ferry departure point.

We no longer advise making plans to bring a car onto the island.

No matter how you travel to Martha's Vineyard, we advise you to make reservations as soon as possible for all transportation and lodging. The Vineyard is a very popular destination, and our wedding is on a holiday weekend.